Rainbow Chard 

Two weekends ago, I went to the farmers' market for the first time this year. The farmers are still selling late winter vegetables, like spinach and this rainbow chard (西洋フダンソウ). The bright pink, red, yellow, and white stems are beautiful, aren't they?

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また英語の諺の説明します。春にはよく聞こえる「April showers bring May flowers」と言う諺は普通にただ言葉の意味で言われています―四月の雨は五月の花の原因です。


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When it rains, it pours 
"When it rains, it pours"と言う諺、聞いたことありますか?直接翻訳すると「雨なら土砂降りです」と言う意味ですが諺として「少しだけつらいことが行うたびに一杯行ってつらすぎる」意味を表します。


"It never rains, but it pours"とも言われます。日本語には、こんな意味をする諺ありますか?

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American Pie 
When we lived in Japan, I missed (恋しい) American-style pies. They are different from the pies that you can buy in convenience stores or department stores. This was a pie I received in Japan:

And this is a pie I made a couple of weeks ago:

American pies are round and have a thinner crust than Japanese pies. This one is topped with streusel, a mix of sugar, flour, butter, nuts, and spices.

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Fair Food 
County fair food is always special. It's not good for your health, but it is very delicious! There are many kinds of food to eat.

Of course, there are funnel cakes and other sweets.

If you prefer to eat meat, this stand is selling sausages, hamburgers, and more.

You can also get pizza.

There are many, many more! Unfortunately, we couldn't find yakisoba or okonomiyaki.

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Skyline Caverns 
There are many caverns (洞窟) in the Appalachian Mountains near Washington, DC. The closest is Skyline Caverns, about one hour away by car.

The largest room in Skyline Caverns is called "Cathedral Hall". There is a rock formation (鍾乳石?) called "The Eagle" in Cathedral Hall. Can you see the eagle (鷲) shape?

Here is a special rock formation called an "anthodite". Skyline Caverns is famous as one of only a few places in the world where you can see anthodites.

This is called "Fairyland Lake". The still water reflects the ceiling like a mirror.

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Tiger Lily 

Tiger lilies, cousins of Kitakami's famous shirayuri, are very popular in our neighborhood and are in full bloom now. There are more than 50 species (一種) of tiger lily. They grow and bloom in clusters along the streets and in people's yards.

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