EBA-no Shujinko-go

EBA-no Shujinko-go


February 15, 1998 - May 5, 2000

* * *
Shuji as a young puppy
He showed us how to face adversity
with courage and joy
and dignity and grace.
One regal dog
He loved everyone
and everything
he ever met.
Shuji on the porch
He was our hero.
Shuji with us
We miss you, Shuji!
* * *
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The Travelogue

In August 1999, Shuji moved across the USA, from Albuquerque, NM to Silver Spring, MD - his trip is chronicled in photos!

The Original Shuji Page

Some information and photos from August 1998, when he was about 5 months old.

Shuji's Scrapbook (Coming Soon!)

Photos and stories from Shuji's life.

Medical Information

Shuji was a medical enigma throughout his short life. This page provides as thorough an accounting of his history, lineage, and health as we can gather.

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