Autumn Crow 

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Froggyback Ride 

As the nights get cold and we brace for the approaching winter, here's a photo to remind us of spring and the approaching summer.

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Mussel Colony 

A mussel colony is exposed at low tide in Miyako.

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An umineko seagull rests on a rock in a protected cove of the shore near Miyako, Iwate.
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Sea Urchin Paradise 

We spent a weekend at the coast, and found a large number of sea urchins hanging out in some shallow water at a rocky beach.
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Monkey Business 

Well, what have we here? What are you looking at?

Oh, I see! You're looking at the fellow on the roof! And he's looking at us.

Back in May, we were driving along the Sea of Japan coast in Aomori Prefecture. We got quite a surprise when we rounded a curve and discovered a group of monkeys hanging around near the road. We stopped for some photos, and found them to be timid but curious.

Eventually, they lost interest in us and returned to munching on fruit while watching the sun set over the Sea of Japan.

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Beware of the Bears 

Beware of the bears. They're verrrry scary. No, really, they are. Grrr!
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Kitakami Swans 

Kitakami is at least a little famous for its swans. This is actually a recent development, or so we're told. I guess swans migrate through here, and about five or six years ago, a couple of swans somehow got broken wings. Since they could not fly, their whole family (six swans) decided to make their home here year round.

You can see the broken wing on the one in front.
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Llama Llama Duck 

Okay, there isn't actually a llama here. But there are ducks, and they always make me think of the song.

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