Akita Dogs

As many of you may know, we are very involved with Akita Rescue and share our lives with a couple of Akita dogs. The breed is a national treasure of Japan, and something Akita prefecture is quite proud of. The ancestral home of the breed is among the ancient Matagi people of central Akita, and the most famous Akita, Chūken Hachikō, was born in Ōdate.

Of course, we couldn't go to Japan — much less Akita prefecture — without visiting assorted Akita dog sites, such as the statues at Shibuya and Ōdate, the Akita Dog Museum, and Rouken Jinja.

Shibuya Mural
Hachiko Statue
JR Hachiko Shrine
Hachiko Statue in Front of Ōdate Station
Akita Dog Family
Hachiko Statue in Front of Akita Dog Museum
Getting Directions
Rouken Jinja Gate
Inside the Old Dog Shrine
Rouken Jinja Guide
If Dogs Walk — In Akita

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