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This page displays all the photos from all the other pages, and is a good place to look if you just want to see pictures without all the 'splainin'. As this page grows, it will contain lots of photos. Even though I do my best to optimize the size of the files, this page may take a while to download.

The slot cars
The slot-car layout - practice for the Shuji Line

Stefanie racing
Stefanie feels the need for speed

Benchwork half done
The benchwork, halfway done

Benchwork complete
The completed benchwork

Cutting subroadbed
The subroadbed under construction

Circle/overpass detail
Circle to be hidden under mountain

Shujinkoumachi subroadbed
Subroadbed at Shujinkoumachi

Roadbed near Mokidate
Roadbed in mountains near Mokidate

Turnouts at Shujinkoumachi
Turnouts at Shujinkoumachi

100-series at Mokidate
100-series shinkansen near Mokidate

100-series at Shujinkoumachi
100-series shinkansen near Shujinkoumachi

Full 16-car 100 series
Full length 100-series shinkansen (16 cars, about 8') in mountain pass

Both trains at Shujinkoumachi
E3 (left) and 100-series (right) trains in Shujinkoumachi

Overview of layout
Overview of layout with tracklaying complete

Control panel (without controls)
Control panel - without controls

Cardboard web forming foothills of main mountain
Foothills near Shujinkoumachi (under construction)

Foothills of main mountain
Foothills near Shujinkoumachi (under construction)

Cardboard web for valley area near Shujinkoumachi
Steep valley at south end of mountain pass (under construction)

Scenery shell for valley area near Shujinkoumachi
Steep valley at south end of mountain pass (under construction)

Tunnel portal near Shujinkoumachi
Tunnel portal just north of Shujinkoumachi

Shujiyama under construction
Shujiyama (south end of mountain pass) under construction

Backdrop secrets exposed
Backdrop support structure

Fascia at Mokidate
Fascia and scenery, looking at Mokidate and the north end of the mountain pass

Fascia at Shujiyama
Completed shell for Shujiyama

100-series at Shujiyama
100-series emerges from Shujiyama in the mountain pass

100-series at Mikumaji
100-series passes the future site of Mikumaji

100-series at Mokidate
Northbound and southbound 100-series trains pass in Mokidate

Overview of Shujinkoumachi

The 100-series loops through Shujinkoumachi.

Overview of Mokidate

This is the Mokidate end of the layout.

North/South passing trains

The northbound and southbound 100-series are passing near Mokidate.

Climbing the mountain pass

The 100-series climbs through the mountains on the way to Mokidate.

Into Shujiyama

The 100-series enters the tunnel through Shujiyama.

Passing the dense growth

The 100-series passes by the one bit of foresting I did.

That's the end of the line for the Shuji Line... be sure to check out my other railroad projects!

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