Princess Akisora's Bitch World

Hi!  I'm cute! Hi, welcome to my Bitch World!

I'm Princess Akisora and I'm Queen Bitch here, so you better do what I say! Princess Rules are in effect!

Know what makes Bitch World so great? Me! 'Cuz I'm not just a bitch... I'm cute!

Akisora means "Autumn Skies". It's a beautiful name, so it suits me perfectly. My human-servants usually just call me "Aki", which is cute, like me! Sometimes they call me "Li'l Bitch" or "Miss Bitch", or even just "Cutey-head". Anything's fine as long as they're talking about me!

My buddy Moki Here I am with my best friend, Moki!

I like him a lot because he lets me jump on his head. He's really a klutz. The only problem with him is that sometimes my human-servants pay attention to him instead of me.

Okay, enough about Moki! This page is my Bitch World, so let's talk about me some more! 'Kay?

Did I mention, I'm cute? Have I mentioned that I'm really cute? Here's a little haiku about me:

I am very cute
A cuter dog you'll not see
Pet my fuzzy head!

Heehee, I'm the cutest little Akita in my puppy class, too! Of course there are some people who might not think so, but they're just jealous of how cute I am!

ZOOOOOOOM!!!! I like to play in the yard! I can bark at the neighbors.

I can also make my human-servants come out and play "Catch Aki" with me by picking up any trash that blows into the yard. The colder and worse the weather is, the more fun it is!

Another of my favorite yard games is to come to the door and just bark for no reason. I like to see how many times my human-servants will open the door! And the looks on their faces when I run away is priceless!

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