Moki's Japanese Name

Moki's story

Moki came to us from Akita Rescue Mid-Atlantic Coast (ARMAC) in June, 2000. He was not quite two years old at the time, and had lived in 4 different homes that we know of. He'd been abused by a child, and possibly a man. He'd been in and out of shelters throughout his life, and was on the brink of euthanasia at least twice.

He was always rescued at the last moment. One of his rescuers commented that he must have a guardian angel. We wonder whether his angel might be a red dog with a '1' on his chest.

Moki's New Family
Moki's Going Home!
Moki hangs out with his new family at the adoption.
Moki is ready to go to his new home!

What's In a Name?

Before he came into the good hands of ARMAC, Moki's name was "Smokey". A new name went along well with his new life, and "Moki" seemed suitably Japanese. It's also similar enough to "Smokey" that he would certainly not be confused.

As it turns out, there is no word "moki" in the Japanese language. But with a bit of research in a character dictionary, we were able to come up with the characters you see above. The top one, "mo", means "dense growth" and is typically paired with the kanji for "forest" to create the word "morin", a dense, lush forest. The second character, "ki", is the character for "tree". So Moki's name is a bit of a play on words - the characters mean "a dense forest of one tree".

Moki's Beautiful Face
Some Kine Lobstah
Moki has "wise eyes".
Moki's favorite toy is Some Kine Lobstah.

A Dog Transformed

Despite his past, Moki has turned out to be a remarkably resilient creature. He's absolutely fantastic with children. Like most Akitas, he's dog aggressive, but he can get along with other dogs once he gets to know them. In November 2000, we brought a female puppy (Aki) into our house, and within a few days he just adored her. He's been a good boy as long as we've known him, but since we got him he's changed from an uncertain, worried, easily frightened dog into one that's confident and relaxed.

And his demeanor is not all that has changed. Physically, he's grown about 15 lbs, and much of his coat has changed from a pale grey to a rich tan color. His face, and especially his eyes, have relaxed and mellowed. He's a happy dog, who obviously thrives on lovin's.

Being a Bear
At OpSail 2000
Moki demonstrates "be a bear".
OpSail 2000, Inner Harbor, Baltimore.

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