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Hachimantai Lake Inn

In Hachimantai, we stayed in this ryokan, Hachimantai Lake Inn, on the shores of Ōnuma Pond. Due to the altitude it was still quite cold, with snow on the ground in some places, even at the end of May. This is the one place we stayed where we needed a heater in our room and extra-warm Tanzen jackets to wear over our yukata (robes).

The Hachimantai Lake Inn offered wonderful natural hot-spring baths, including a mixed-sex rotenburo (outdoor bath) where we could enjoy the juxtaposition of the steaming hot spring water and the cold night air. Everywhere we stayed, the food was exquisite - but among all the wonderful food, the number one best we had was here at Hachimantai Lake Inn.

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