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Hachiko Statue in Front of Ōdate Station

As previously mentioned, Ōdate is quite proud of being both the origin of the Akita breed and the birthplace of Hachiko. In front of the station there are additional statues of Hachiko, such as this one.

The gentleman with us is Mr. Ishida. We came to Ōdate twice on our trip, the second time near the end on an expedition to obtain Akita-dog themed gifts for friends back home. On our search for these gifts, we stepped into the tourism office (next to the station) to see if they could tell us what shops to visit. Mr. Ishida and his colleague were happy to tell us all about Ōdate's attractions, and when it came out that we had looked for and failed to find the city's famous rose gardens, he offered to take us there.

Then, when we mentioned there was a brand of jizake (local brand sake) we were looking for, Mr. Ishida revealed that he also owned a sake store!

So we spent a pleasant afternoon accompanying Mr. Ishida to the rose gardens and his liquor store.

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