About Hokui 39 Do 

Hokui 39 Do

Welcome to Hokui 39 Do, a blog about life in the US! On this page, we've tried to answer questions that our visitors may have.

Who are you?
We're a couple of Americans who spent two years living in Kitakami City, Iwate, in northern Japan. But now we're back in the US, in Silver Spring, Maryland — near Washington, DC.

Why a blog?
While we lived in Kitakami, we wrote a blog about life in Japan called Let's Sharing. Just as we used that blog to show our friends and family in the US a little bit of what life was like in Japan, we want to use this blog to share American life with our friends in Japan.

What does the name mean?
It means 39° north latitude.

Okay, then, why is the blog named for a latitude?
Our house in Kitakami was at about 39°20'N, and our house in Silver Spring is at 39°0'N. This blog is one way we're maintaining our connection along that parallel.

There's a lot of Japanese here. Can you send me a translation?
No. Please enjoy the photos and the occasional English posts. (Okay, here's one translation for you: 英語 means English. There are three links on the right that will show only English posts.)